Chirpley is a cutting edge influencer marketing platform for small influencers. The platform has been developed with the aim to create a decentralized organization that operates fully in the interest of its end users: the small influencer and the marketer. Performs virtual mapping using Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning and Bigdata technologies. The key-element making difference is that Chirpley hands marketers the opportunity to set up a campaign with thousands of small influencers at the same time in a matter of minutes. Cost Effective & Time Effective.
Chirpley offers the solution to make campaigns more streamlined and accurate at highly economical, cost-efficient price. A market price is formed which is based on the data from the linked social media channels of the influencers.
  • Automated matchmaking
  • Data driven influencer valuation
  • Most cost and time efficient method to plan and automate influencing campaigns
  • Implemented with all leading social media outlets
  • Web 3.0 enabled

What makes Chirpley (CHRP) unique?

Chirpley uses the below key innovations to make the product more sustainable and profitable.
  • AI driven selection and execution
  • 1 click marketing bombs
  • Free to access for both brand and influencer
  • End-to-end automation of influencer campaigns
  • Independent marketplace to integrate all social media channels
  • Accelerate the nano-micro segment of influencer marketing

Chirpley (CHRP) Product Dive

  • Automated Matchmaking: Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning systems would generate the best possible matches on influencers through Analytics and Data Modeling.
  • System Integration & Interoperability: Blockchain-agnostic, decentralized identity and access management.
  • Availability & Ease of Use: Ecosystem utilities available from anywhere. On any device. Through a secured cloud-based environment.
  • Security: Companies or Individuals can escrow funds they are planning to spend on influencer campaigns on the app. Secure connections and exchanges between Influencers and End Users.
  • Development: C# Core.NET, MVC ASP.NET, MSSQL/NOSQL. The system is set up using microservices as basis.
  • Stateless Systems: Can be scaled vertically and horizontally.
  • AI: A separate engine that can interact with corresponding microservices and run algorithms.

Chirpley (CHRP) Marketing Strategy

  • Use of a personal approach and introduce a uniform system for all procedures within the framework of your influencer marketing campaign
  • Use multiple tools and methods of assessing a content creator’s suitability and authenticity
  • Utilize micro- and nano-influencers. Content creators with followings of a few thousand subscribers and less have loyal audiences. As a result, their engagement rates are much higher than those of influencers with huge followings.
Strong brand awareness and demand generation will be achieved through the following methods:
  • Content that’s regularly released to the Chirpley community via social media, press, influencers, and KOLs within the cryptocurrency industry located in key regions around the world.
  • A pre-launch focus on creating hype around Chirpley and its unlimited potential.
  • An appearance on a landing page and mobile app store resulting from storytelling campaigns, social media, content marketing, and paid advertising. Inbound leads will primarily be generated this way.
  • The creation of high-res video campaigns that capture viewers' imaginations and take them on a journey through Chirpley.
  • Regular content to help build anticipation for the release, such as real images and video of the Chirpley world, real marketing experiences, concept artwork, giveaways, quizzes and polls, user-generated content, features list, video interviews and reviews, and press features.
Run specific cross-media campaigns to promote Chirpley’s key milestones:
  • Campaigns with YouTube ads and gamer influencers
  • Video reviews on YouTube
  • Social media advertising
  • KOLs and ads on Wechat
  • Networks of advertisers, incentivized and non-incentivized traffic campaigns
  • Back linking to 450+ global news sites

Which Technologies does Chirpley (CHRP) Use?

Development: C# Core.NET, MVC ASP.NET, MSSQL/NOSQL. The system is set up using microservices as the basis.
We have implemented and OpenID server in the backend for handling authentication and login in our load balanced server park.
Software: The software is split into several layers, front-end, middleware, back-end. Everything is in design asynchronously, and this is something that will grow further in the future. The architecture however is prepared for this.
Entire system is stateless, which implies we can easily scale vertically and horizontally.
To prevent disasters in the future, the entire system is designed from scratch to work behind load balancers. This was proven when we had a bot attack, the system handled the exposure smoothly.
The system will expand in the very near future using some form of message queue, so our microservice architecture will reap full benefit from it's asynchronous design.
Databases: The database system is primarily transaction based MSSQL, however mixed with Razor DB (NOSQL) for high storage load and little writes. The combination is very powerful and also very scalable.
Global scaling: This architecture is also, in the basis, prepared to scale globally, as all storage can be asynchronously added, there can and will never be a conflict. The system being stateless, we are prepared to 'easily' setup regional satellites and decentral backend systems.
AI: A separate engine that can interact with the corresponding microservices. The separate engine can run the algorithms.
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