Chirpley as Influencer

The Chirpley platform focusses especially on nano and micro-influencers. We believe the message of many is stronger than the power of one. Therefor the platform has been developed to be as welcoming as possible, with an eye for the newborn chicks, and the established influencer as well.

Where one grows, all grow together as a flock.

Profile Page

Once you've logged-in on the platform (, you can open your account-page by clicking on the account-icon in the left menu.

Here you will find some basic information about the connected social-media channels, your account settings, referral-link and a link to your public business card.

Public Profile-page

The moment you have connected your socials as an influencer, a public profile-page is created.

Here you can show your stats as an influencer and an overview of the data we have analyzed. At the bottom of your business card, in case we could gather enough data, you can find detailed information about your audience.

Be sure to share your public profile-page so you will get noticed by brands.

We've something called the lifelong referral bonus. How it works: you will receive a stunning 20% of the Chirpley fees (which is 10% of each transaction) paid by anyone who creates an account on Chirpley using your personal referral link.

This means that if you have 5 referees who participate on the same campaign and each earn $100, you'll receive $10 (20% of their 10% fees) by doing absolutely nothing.

Your referral link starts with "" and can be found on your account-page.

Receiving Invites

To be able to receive invites to campaigns you must have at least 20 followers and have active services in your connected channels.

To edit these services and the pricing, just go to your account-page ( and click on your connected channel (make sure you are in influencer-mode by checking the switch below your username) in option 5 (just click de red pencil behind it), you are able to activate the services you wish to provide.

When a brand sends out an invite for a service in their campaign, this invite is sent to all influencers matching the service and the optional added favorites.

From this point all invited influencers can accept the presented deal until the budget of the campaign-service is filled.

It depends on the number available influencers in the selected market-niche and the available service-budget, how fast an influencer must react on the invite. We have several systems in-place which regulate the participation of influencers to have the best outcome for the brands promotion.

Click on the link in your mailbox to go to the campaign overview.

Select the campaign with the new deals (recognizable by an alarm-icon with a positive value). Now the campaign-information and deals are loaded in the center screen. In the top-section you will find details about the campaign and the filters for the deals in that campaign.

In the bottom grid the deals are displayed along with the type and price. When selecting a deal, the details are displayed on the right.

Accepting Deals

Now you can accept or decline the deal opened in the right panel until the campaign-budget is filled. Once the campaign-budget for this deal is filled, the window closes, and you won't be able to accept the deal anymore.

After you have accepted a deal which does not need any further action, the deal will get the status accepted. Deals that do not need any further action are: Likes, Retweets, Follows and comments/quotes/tweets with brand-content.

Setting the Content

If you've accepted a deal which requires you to write your own content, the deal will receive the "Set Content" status. By selecting the deal in de grid, a form opens in the right panel. Here you will see a content field which might contain text the brand wrote as an example. Below the text area you will find instructions from the brand on how to alter or write the content for this deal. Once you have set the content, click on send.

Now the brand will receive a request to review your content where the brand has 3 options approve, change or decline the content.

  • The brand accepts your proposed content: The deals are set and will be scheduled for publication. The deal will have the status "accepted" until it is performed.

  • The content is declined by the brand: The deal will be cancelled, and no further action is needed. The deal will have the status "declined".

  • The brand changes the proposed content: You will receive a request to review the changes and accept, change, or cancel the deal. The deal will have the status "review".

When both influencer and brand have finally agreed on the content, the deal will be scheduled for publication.


The Chirpley platform is an automated platform. Therefore, when deals are accepted by both parties, there's no need for any action on either side. The service agreed on will be scheduled and completed by the system.

Payment for services

Once a deal is completed and the system has performed the social action, the payment will be done. In the top panel you can see the amount you have earned in this particular campaign.

Communicate with Brand

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