Frequently Asked Questions

Here we will collect the most asked questions about the Chirpley platform.

What are the requirements to become an influencer on Chirpley?

We believe everyone has influence and influences their own social environment, therefor everyone has an influential marketing value. Unfortunately, due to strict privacy-laws in some parts of the world, you must be at least 16yr old.

How much do I get paid on Chirpley?

Our platform is completely automated and relies on A.I. to calculate someone’s IVM (Influencer Media Value). Because we are still in early stage, we are gathering a lot of data which we use for fine-tuning and adjusting the algorithms. Obviously, we won't let anyone take a peek under the hood but believe us... The engine sounds fantastic.

How do you valuate social-media accounts?

To have a fair distribution of campaign-budgets the platform only valuates accounts on their organic engagement and impressions. The system scans accounts and analyses the content and followers. If the platform finds engagement to be non-organic the content is excluded from valuation.

Reasons for the algorithm to find engagement to be non-organic are:

  • Engagement through giveaways.

  • Like and retweet requests from external sources.

  • Unexplainable high engagement.

  • Irregularities in engagement.

  • Engagement from low-quality accounts (in-active, bots or fake).

If the platform cannot valuate a Twitter-account, the user will receive a base fee.

If there is any doubt on the authenticity of an account, the staff has the right to put the user back to base fee or block completely.

Accounts will be checked regularly on the market specified. If the specified market differs from the content of the channel, the influencer will be set to base fee.

I have enough followers, retweet daily and I'm still on base fee.

The system only uses the impressions and engagement of your OWN content. All engagement on a retweet belongs to the original tweet, therefor these metrics are left out of the calculation.

To be an influencer make sure to create original content and interact with your followers. This will generate engagement and impressions.

I participated in a campaign, but I didn't receive any payment in my wallet.

Once you have accepted a deal in a campaign, your earnings are held in escrow until the deal is completed. The moment the deal is completed, payments are being made. This can take up to 1hr for it to be visible in your wallet.

However, if you believe you did not receive any payments for your service, please contact with a screenshot of the campaign with the completed deal.

I've received an invite to a campaign, but the deal was cancelled before I could accept.

Brands create campaigns with a budget, these budgets are divided between various services for which deals are created. All influencers fitting the campaign and the service are invited to accept or decline the created deals. From this moment, influencers who received an invite can accept the deal, until the predefined budget is reached. When the budget is reached, or the remaining budget is too low for your earnings, the deal gets cancelled by the platform.

I've made a withdraw but I can't see it in my wallet?

For the development-stage of the platform we have chosen to accept BNB for depositing campaign-funds, however all withdraws are currently in BUSD. In case you do not have BUSD setup in your wallet, please do so as you won't be able to see the balance. However, if you believe your funds are missing, please contact

Which Social media Channels are available?

Because we are still in an early testing stage we've chosen to launch the platform with only Twitter as social platform. This way we have been able to focus our development on the backend of our platform to make it robust and ready for the future. Later this year we will add more social-media channels like Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook etc.

When will the platform expand to other markets beside Crypto/blockchain?

The reason we've chosen to start with the crypto/blockchain market is quite obvious, we're partly a crypto project ourselves. Therefor we made the decision to use the crypto market as a testing ground, so to speak. After the launch of our own token, we will open more and more markets.

Do you have a support department?

Yes, if you have any questions regarding your account, payment or campaigns please send an email to

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